About Common Projects Sneakers
5 May

About Common Projects Sneakers


Common Projects is an American- Italian luxury footwear company that was the brainchild of two designers, Flavio Girolami and Prathan Poopat. The company was founded in the year 2004 and has since been producing stylish and comfortable sneakers, boots and other products. Ten numbers written in gold, divided into sets of three, stamped at the heel of every common project’s shoe, characterize their brand.


Common Projects is mostly famous for its sleek, artistic sneakers although it offers a wide range of other products including boots, bluchers, card cases and billfolds.


Unlike most designers who generate their products to target only a specific group of people, say women of certain ages, the common projects sneakers are designed for men, women and kids of all ages who are luxury footwear lovers.


The sneakers come in a range of textures such as leather, canvas and suede. In addition to this, they come in a variety of colors including black, white, navy, beige, rose, different shades of gray, brown and many more. In essence, one is spoilt for choice for you could have all sorts of combinations from original black leather sneakers to the original brown canvas variety. This alleviates the problem of having too many people with a similar type of sneaker. We could be both wearing a BBall leather sneaker but of different colors.


It suffices to say that nothing will ever come cheap so if you want to stand out with a pair of common project sneakers, you will have to part with a couple hundred dollars. For instance, the Achilles Retro Suede & leather sneakers, which are a must-have for anybody who loves class, go for about $454 on Barneys. It is not called a luxury footwear company for nothing.


It is impossible to exhaust the list of common project sneakers but I have made a list of most of them.

- Achilles retro suede and leather sneakers

- Original Achilles leather sneakers

- Original Achilles suede sneakers

- BBall leather sneakers

- Men’s original Achilles grained leather sneakers

- Men’s suede slips on sneakers

- Men’s original Achilles suede sneakers

- Men’s tournament leather sneakers

- Men’s tournament canvas sneakers

- Women’s original Achilles sneakers

- Track suede and leather sneakers

- Original Achilles faux fur sneakers

- Tournament shearling sneakers

- Track Nubuck & Mesh sneakers

- Achilles low top sneakers


Most people have heard about the common projects sneakers but have absolutely no idea where to get them. I recommend Common Projects online. They are a luxury specialty retailer company that is famous for having products from Common Projects. They have great shipping and delivery plans for those who choose to buy the sneakers online. They offer free shipping on all international orders.

You can also make online purchases from www.commonprojects-online.com or from www.commonprojects.com